Védelem: The Golden Horde

Vedelem: The Golden Horde is a Real Time Strategy game set in 13th century eastern Europe. The Golden Horde is the biggest and deadliest Mongolian invasion that the world has ever seen. As the last line of defense, you are called to save your lands against the Mongol empire. They will ruthlessly attempt to pillage… Continue reading Védelem: The Golden Horde

TAO – Scene Debug Viewer

A small debugging tool to draw the editor scene with replacement shaders. This can be helpful when blocking out a level or finding issues within the scene. Features User presets Shader and parameter configuration Included examples Base color Triplanar grid (lit and unlit) World and object space normals Overdraw UV checker

TAO – Vertex Animation

The vertex animation package is a solution with the goal of having thousands of units on screen at the same time, each one controlled by its own animation state. Project Details I worked on this project while I was part of the Tech Art Outsource team. This tool was build for project Castle, it’s a… Continue reading TAO – Vertex Animation

TAO – Landscape Material

An interactive landscape material/shader for Unreal Engine 4. Project Details The shader was initially developed during the prototype phase for the game Til Nord. They needed a shader where the vehicle and other objects interact with the snow on the terrain. During development the shader got build into an generic landscape shader that could be… Continue reading TAO – Landscape Material

TAO – Texture Combiner

A tool to quickly combine multiple textures into one. It is available for WebGL and Windows. This tool was made during development of the landscape shader. This shader used packed textures to reduce the amount of samples needed. In order to allow the end-users to quickly create their own packed textures I created this tool.… Continue reading TAO – Texture Combiner

Levis Umbra

Levis Umbra offers to bring back the Stealth genre to its roots.We offer an experience entirely based on sneaking and stealth dynamics.Armed only with a hacking device, the protagonist will have to open a way deep inside the core of an underground mining factory, taken over by a defecting AI. Avoiding the enemies is the… Continue reading Levis Umbra

Crime Engine

Custom game engine made in C++ for the game Streamlined Mastermind. Project Details The concept for Streamlined Mastermind was made earlier, the idea was that we would create an engine where Streamlined Mastermind would be made in. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to build the engine into a production ready tool, the final game… Continue reading Crime Engine

Ray Tracer

A ray tracer made in C++ to learn about math, data structures, algorithms and of course ray tracing. It uses SFML to display the output. The math library is made by hand. Features Primitive shapes. Hard/soft shadows. Roughness. Phong shading. Reflection and refraction. (Prototype) sphere based acceleration structure. Directional and point lights. Project Details For… Continue reading Ray Tracer