Levis Umbra

An underground mining facility overrun by rogue AI.

Levis Umbra offers to bring back the Stealth genre to its roots.
We offer an experience entirely based on sneaking and stealth dynamics.
Armed only with a hacking device, the protagonist will have to open a way deep inside the core of an underground mining factory, taken over by a defecting AI.

Avoiding the enemies is the only way to survive.


  • Classic combat-less Stealth Experience.
  • Immersive Gameplay Elements.
  • Hack the environment to open new paths and distract your enemies.
  • Listen to an Original Dynamic Soundtrack that changes with the intensity of the action.
  • Voiced by professional actors.
  • 10 minutes of stealth gameplay.
  • Inspired by Deus Ex, Splinter Cell and Dishonored.

Project Details

This is a 7 weeks student project, made by a team of second year students from Breda University, working remotely from over six different countries. It’s the combined result of the effort from Design & Production, Visual Art and Programming students, working together!

EngineUnreal Engine 4
Development Time7 Weeks
Team Composition5 Artists
5 Designers
4 Programmers

My Role

As technical lead, I contributed by taking decisions (together with the team) based upon the progress on the technical side of the project.

As programmer I worked on several systems throughout the project;

The analytics tool allowed us to visualize the play-through of players who had played the game and submitted their data. Designers could visualize the steps and actions in the UE4 editor. Continue reading

The save system implementation is there to help with the game loop, our game can be quite hard, when the player dies it had to be able to spawn at the latest checkpoint. The biggest part of the save system integration was creating the GUI together with Luka (Design).

For the GUI in game I made a system that controls the opening/closing/history/lifetime of the GUI panels. This made sure all the GUI’s are created and controlled in one way to avoid having multiple systems that create weird dependencies and bugs.