[MA_NodeEditor] Update 2 – Histogram – Unity

Update 2 for the texture editor, this time I have added a histogram/levels view in the preview window.Also I have been experimenting with multi-threading in the unity editor. So hopefully it will be working ‘soon™’, I’m thinking about making this an option to turn on and off. And the last thing I’m working on is… Continue reading [MA_NodeEditor] Update 2 – Histogram – Unity

[MA_NodeEditor] Update 1 – SearchBar & PerlinNoise – Unity

I didn’t have that much time last week, but here is the first little update for the editor. I have added a search bar, it speaks for itself; you can search nodes and functions to add/use them. And the first noise/procedural generator node, it’s a simple perlin noise generator and I say simple because I… Continue reading [MA_NodeEditor] Update 1 – SearchBar & PerlinNoise – Unity

MA_NodeEditor 1.0

A Unity Editor extension where I’m working on. It’s an extension for editing/creating textures & materials in Unity. This could be useful if you don’t have access to Photoshop (or similar programs) or when your artist doesn’t have the time to edit. With this program you don’t have to leave Unity in order to make… Continue reading MA_NodeEditor 1.0

5 Unique Mountain Stones

5 unique mountain stones

Photoscanned and optimized for games.3 mountain crystals, 1 fossil and 1 green stone 5 Models3 LOD’s4K TexturesPNG Albedo, Specular, Occlusion and Normal maps Additional shader for the stones to make them ‘pop’ a bit more. Made with Shader Sandwich!(ofcourse you can use them without the shader!)

EOS (environmental experience)

You play as an EOS-employe, waking up later than scheduled you find yourself all alone in the sleeping quarters. You notice that the sleeping quarters are oddly silent and personal belongings are scattered all around. Heading for the main hall you find more items that appear to be abandoned. Something doesn’t seem right and you… Continue reading EOS (environmental experience)

Pret Met Zeemeeuwen (Fun with Seagulls)

Pret met Zeemeeuwen (Fun with Seagulls)

Pret met Zeemeeuwen (Fun with Seagulls) is a game made for school, we had to make a game for new students in order to gain a better insight of the the course they could follow and to motivate them.It was also the first game where we had to work together with the developers. I made… Continue reading Pret met Zeemeeuwen (Fun with Seagulls)

Space Burger Bounce

Space Burger Bounce

Space Burger Bounce is a game that Sunhyo Mastenbroek and I (Max Kruf) have made for a school assignment.We had 2 lessons for this (8 ours total) and some time at home. The game is about moving the guy through the space-station by bouncing between the handles and when needed, by farting… 😛You can collect… Continue reading Space Burger Bounce

Unity Base Building System

Basic Unity Multiplayer Base Building System

This is a basic unity base building system, I made it to practice with (the new) Unity Unet networking. It generates a UI with some options to build. Also you can’t build where somebody else is building and the buildings are synced to the host so when somebody joins later they will be in the… Continue reading Basic Unity Multiplayer Base Building System