Environmental Orbital Station

EOS (environmental experience)

You play as an EOS-employe, waking up later than scheduled you find yourself all alone in the sleeping quarters. You notice that the sleeping quarters are oddly silent and personal belongings are scattered all around.

Heading for the main hall you find more items that appear to be abandoned. Something doesn’t seem right and you head out in search of other people. It appears that you are not completely alone…

For this game, I made the main models of the spaceship (Hallway, doors, rooms, lockers, sleeping-parts), the particle effects, lighting, textures and the stuff (& technical stuff) in the engine. Of course, this was with the influence of the other team members (4 including me).

We are very happy with the result of it, it really looks like the concepts that are made for it (you can see one of them here.)

Made by: Robbert-jan middelkoop, Larissa Aalders, Jamie Leijs & Max Kruf.

(The music isn’t made by us.)