In a solar flare ravaged world over 20 years into the future, humanity is in a struggle for resources. Most of the earth’s water supply has been radiated into space before the earth’s magnetic field could restore itself. A small group of survivors set out through the ravaged world to find a government build bunker on the east coast of the United States. Approaching the approximate bunker location a massive sandstorm hit the group of survivors.
Waking up on some planks inside an old fishing vessel, you find out that your group is gone.
There is nothing left for you but some supplies and a map with some scribbles on it.
You have to find out where your group went and find the bunker before you run out of supplies and health. There are many dangers in the wasteland: tornado’s, radiation and storms that will make you wish you would have stayed in the fishing vessel.

This project encompasses 4 months of development, from early sketches to later concepts and in-engine assets. Our group called “DremTem” consisting out of two 2D artists and one technical 3D artist. Every member gave it their all to create this piece of humble gaming content.




Robbert-Jan Middelkoop – Art and 3D modeling
Jay Aalders – Art and 3D modeling
Max Kruf – Programming and texturing